Crash Courses

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So when do you need to pass your driving test by?

Crash courses from 10 – 40 Hours dependant on experience

Firstly, how many hours do you need?

If you have never driven before you could be looking at 40 hours, or at the other end of the scale if you have failed your test you may only need to brush up with 10 hours of practice.

What next?

Crash courses available here at Driver’s Kool on 07538 092 581 or Email us to discuss a plan of action. Lessons will be subject to diary and instructor availability. We can work our crash courses to schedules if a test has already been booked we will help to meet that deadline by setting realistic targets. We have no hidden fees with our crash courses. All fees for Theory Test (If applicable) and Practical driving test plus the hire of the car for the test will be fully included in your Crash Course package.


20 Hours crash course £635 (Includes all test fees & hire of school car for your test)

30 Hours crash course £865 (includes all test fees & hire of school car for the test)

40 Hours crash course £1095 (includes all test fees & hire of school car for the test)

All crash courses come with free theory test training via

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All crash courses will be completed over a reasonable time frame set between the client and the instructor. Usually between 2-4 weeks maximum. Theory test will have to be passed prior to lessons starting. Practical test will also be booked prior to starting lessons.

All fees will be payable upfront and will be subject to our terms and conditions

If the set courses are not completed all lessons that have been completed will be charged at the normal hourly rate of £24 and all outstanding monies will be refunded within two weeks of termination of the course

Call Driver’s Kool NOW! on 07538 092 581

To pass your driving test