Theory Test

Before being able to book a practical test you first have to pass your theory test.

What is a theory test?

The theory test consists of two parts done in conjunction with each other

  • Part 1: This is a multiple-choice test consisting of 50 questions. In order to pass this part of the test you need to have answered 43 or more questions correctly. These questions are chosen randomly from a bank of 1000 questions and you answer by clicking on the answer or touching the screen. Some questions have more than one answer and MAKE SURE to pay attention and read the question carefully before answering. You are allowed to skip any question and go back to it later.


  • Part 2: This is the hazard perception test which consists of 14 video clips which are 1 minute long. These clips will show potential road hazards and your aim is to identify the hazards. The scoring goes from 5 to 0 the quicker you identify the hazard the higher you score. The pass rate for this part of the test is 44 out of 75 and you are allowed 20 minutes to complete this part of the test. You are not able to repeat any of the clips on this test as a hazard is a hazard and needs to be spotted as its happening.  Some pupils may ask “If I continuously click will I score the maximum of 5 points per clip?” The answer is NO continuously clicking will result in a Warning letting you know that you have continuously clicked and that you will not earn any marks for that clip.
  • You have to achieve or exceed the pass rate for both parts of the test before passing the theory test. If you fail the hazard perception and passed the multiple choice part this will result in a fail and vice versa
Handy Tip

As confident as you may be that you have answered all the multiple choice questions correctly it’s a good idea to leave time near the end of the test to scan through your answers for a final time

How much does the theory test cost?
  • The fee for the theory test is currently £30 it is one test that consists of two parts (as stated above)
  • There are some companies that charge you more money and have included a free re-test if you fail the 1st time
  • If you feel you are not ready for the test or you are unable to make the test for any reason you MUST cancel the test within 3 working days so as not to lose your test fee.
When should I take my theory test?
  • Speak to your instructor. They will help to advise you on the best time to take your theory test. As a general rule you want to have taken your theory test once you are fully ready and feel that you are confident that you have the knowledge to pass the test.
  • There are different studying materials on the market and also a number of free online theory tests sites that will consists of the multiple choice questions and hazard perception clips as well as the “Highway code” and the official DSA Theory test book which contains all the questions that could come up on your multiple choice part of the test.
Do I need to take anything with me to the test?

YES. You need to bring your driving license both the signed photo-card and the paper counterpart. Unfortunately if you have one without the other or NONE at all you will not be able to take the theory test and you will lose your fee.

What happens if I pass or fail the test?
  • Your results will be given to you there and then by the clerk at the test centre once you have completed the test and left the test room
  • If you pass the test you will receive a pass certificate which lasts for two years. This means that you have within two years of passing your theory test to pass your practical driving test.
  • If the two years expires you will be required to retake your theory test before being able to book a practical test
  • If unfortunately you fail the test then you will need to study some more and also ask your driving instructor if you need any help with the theory test training
How do I book a theory test?

Call Driver’s Kool NOW! on 07538 092 581

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