Refresher Courses

Good reasons why refresher lessons can bring awesomeness to your driving…

Ok so here we go…

  1. You passed your test some time ago and haven’t driven since. It would be good idea to get back in the saddle and just have a quick practice.
  2. You have bought yourself a car and realise it is going to be a different driving experience for you – let me sit next to you and help you through the tricky bits and help bring back all the skills that you have previously learnt.
  3. You may of unfortunately had a slight scrape or lost confidence in what to do at roundabouts or somewhere thats a bit of a conundrum in your area. No worries give us a call at Driver’s Kool 07538 092 581 and we will have you back and confident on the roads in no time

For fast driving lesson you can enroll with our Intensive Driving Courses Tottenham.

Whatever your reason, I will help you!

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