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Show and tell me what you can do...

Keep your cash in your pocket if you can already drive a little you are not going to start all over.

We pride ourselves on NOT being a money grabbing school. Yes we charge for our lessons but no one providing a service doesn’t, but at the same time our main objective is a happy customer who will always talk about us in a positive light and let others know about their experiences whilst being with us. We aim to get you ready for your test as quick as possible and WE DON’T just aim to sell you lessons aimlessly if they are realistically not required. We will make sure to recap any former experience that you have learnt before and build on those experiences, rather than starting you from Cockpit Drill and Controls lesson all over again.

We see it as our job to build on your skills and to polish you up so you are ready to nail your driving test.
We’ll tell you now, on the day of your test you know you will have the SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE to pass your test

So if you want to save time and money by not having to start from first base, pick up that phone and call our driving school Tottenham and learn from the best driving instructor Tottenham.

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