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We know how much you want to pass your driving test, because we are helping people just like you everyday to get their driving licence and we have an enjoyable experience along the way.

We at Drivers Kool believe that if you enjoy what you do then you will always want to do it, so our fully trained and professional instructors are here to make the process of learning how to drive fun, relaxed as well as setting achievable goals

We use on board technology helping you to visualise what it is we are trying to achieve from manoeuvres to roundabouts and all driving scenarios

All lesson plans and recaps are emailed to you after the lesson. This will detail what was done in the lesson, what we were trying to achieve, how well you done and what the lesson plan is for the next lesson

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You never driven before? That’s ok, because if you work with us we’re going to turn you from a beginner into An Accomplished driver.

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Partly Trained

Keep your money in your pocket. If you can already drive a little you are not going to start all over again.

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Confidence Building

It is not fun feeling nervy or anxious when you are driving but I know how to make you feel so much better…

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Theory Test

Before being able to book a practical test you first have to pass your theory test. What is the theory test?

I Passed 1st time with Driver’s Kool

After a long break from my first few driving lessons, Noah helped me regain my confidence on the road with easy to understand explanations of all the manoeuvres. He went through all the necessary skills and let me practice until I became completely comfortable in the car. The overall experience was great, Noah’s encouragement made passing my test 1ST TIME quick, easy and fun!


I Passed 1st time with Driver’s Kool

Noah is an excellent well experienced teacher. Being a dancer lessons needed to be flexible and he was always great at accommodating. I started off dreading driving and over the 6 month period of learning I soon began to actually enjoy it! He is a great fun teacher but was also thorough and detailed in his teaching. Passing first time I have a lot to thank Noah for and I would definitely recommend him to anyone as he will get you on the roads in no time!


I passed 1st Time with Driver’s Kool

After having a few lessons previously and not being to happy with them I was recommended to Noah by a friend of mine who had taken lessons and passed under his instruction. I found his instructions clear and concise and his approach friendly and patient.

I passed my test on my 1st attempt and would highly recommend Driver’ Kool to anyone who wants to take lessons in a friendly, Professional and relaxing environment

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